Main assignments

* Execution of a global Retail strategy which will ensure sustainable development of each Region to achieve its full potential
* Collaborate across departments to develop Strategies including Retail Actions for selected categories while strengthening the core business
* Travel to Regions Worldwide to provide support and guidance to the Regional Retails Teams while continuously assessing the needs including training and opportunities for growth in the individual markets and stores.
* Bring and share best practices for all aspects of Luxury Retail that will enable further development in each Region
* Establish and maintain strong relationships with Regional Retail Teams
* Build the competencies of the Regional Retail Teams (Area Managers) providing them with mentorship guidance support and development training
* Motivate retain and evaluate employees while encouraging them to collaborate
* Ensure an excellent customer service in alignment with Company standards
* Create manage and inspire a results-oriented environment where idea generation and creativity flourish and are harnessed to meet business objectives in a very focused and measurable way
* Develop the internal talent assets
* Responsible for Managing Coordinating and follow various WW Retail related projects Company Initiatives for the Retail Network Category specific analysis and Worldwide updates.
* Focus on driving Retail cultural through a systematic approach to Retail providing a clear roadmap for implementation that builds engagement and sets the foundation for on-going with a focus on Actionable KPIs
* Establish measure and report on the relevant performance metrics needed to drive sustainable long-term growth


A highly talented and creatively driven individual with a successful performance record and a demonstrated ability to build on a platform where there is a strong DNA.
Personal style including a high level of energy creativity intellectual integrity openness directness and resiliency is essential.

Additionally he/she will possess:

* Ability to quickly establish strong credibility with team members and external resources
* A performance orientation and strategic mindset
* A results orientation where the individual is willing to stretch to accomplish goals and “make it happen”
* The ability drive and desire to deliver outstanding results
* Excellent listening skills and ability to ask questions share information and respect others’ perspectives while driving towards agreed upon business objectives
* The ability to bring outstanding interpersonal skills (including excellent oral and written communication) strong intellect and problem solving skills to any discussion with colleagues
* Impeccable standards of moral and ethical conduct
* Confidence without arrogance; comfort with him/herself and others
* Excellent management and organizational skills ability to adapt
* Proven experience of 5 – 10 years in the Retail business
* Strong analytical – numerical sensitivity
* Fluent in English other languages a plus
* Coaching skills to train and motivate Regional Retail Teams
* Orientation to service