Il Gruppo Moncler è attivo a livello internazionale nel design, realizzazione, commercializzazione e distribuzione di prodotti di abbigliamento e accessori di alta gamma.


For our Brand Moncler we are looking for a: WEB DESIGNER
A Web Designer is a person able to make up a website, creating web pages accessible to anyone, no matter what device they are using. Web Designer often has to balance how a page looks versus how a web page functions, which can involve some compromises.
This person oversees visual design process, transforms creative expectations into the right visual look and feel, applying technical capabilities and user needs into final UI (User Interface) design.
He works with project manager and creative team to establish a clearer vision of the site.
Education for Web Designer
Web Designer may or may not have advanced degrees. A bachelor degree program in multimedia or web design is preferred.


  • A certificate program or advanced degree program that leads to a position as a Web Designer;
  • Experience in fundamentals of design imaging and animation;
  • Experience in fundamentals of multimedia programming and technology;
  • Expertise on creation/acquisition of image-video-audio contents;
  • Expertise on Wireframe and Storyboard creation;
  • Advanced knowledge in web and multimedia designs;
  • Good internships or consulting project experiences at international level;
  • Basic SEO/SEM.


Visit the official website and confirm your interest sending your cv to

Published: 08 novembre 2012
Experience: Web Designer
Function: Web/Digital
Location: Milano

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